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Nobody’s business

Posted on May 23, 2023 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sexuality, everyone’s got it, but it surely isn’t catching. It comes with being born and manifests itself in different ways. It’s just nature’s packaging, like eye color, height or nose shape. Basically, the biological hand you’re dealt at birth.

This is so obvious it seems ridiculous to have to say so, but a glance at our current culture proves different. For those of the political and/or religious right view, it’s their business. And there are versions of sexuality, LGBTQ+, they don’t like, and want those individuals scorned and ostracized and considered undesirable in society. 

In focus, these pejorative judgments and (with some) actions, make the victimization of other people as unfit and unwanted justifiable, disregarding biological (genetic, hormonal, neurological) reality. As if the “branded” one had any choice in the matter. And even if one did exercise choice in the matter of sexuality, so what. Why is that personal choice anyone else’s concern? 

That a putative modern society would consider sexuality as earthly relevant to … anything of importance is (ahem) flagrantly ridiculous.

The bad guys in this outmoded movie are not LBGTQ+ folks, it’s the ones that use this biological variation or individual choice as an excuse for persecution. And when it’s done purely and insidiously for political reasons to curry favor for votes, it’s reprehensible and despicable. 

“Ain’t nobody’s business…” sang Billie Holliday back in the 40s, in reference to her personal choices, and it ain’t nobody’s damn business today.

— Will Shonbrun, Sonoma


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