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SV Hospital expands medication review program into The Springs

Posted on May 29, 2023 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma Valley Hospital in partnership with Vintage House and La Luz Center is pleased to announce the expansion of their no-cost “Brown Bag” medication review program. Led by SVH Pharmacist Baqara “Maya” Yoder, PharmD, the service is designed to help valley residents get the most out of their medications and supplements.

“I’m thrilled to announce the expansion of our Brown Bag program to La Luz Center, in addition to our ongoing program at Vintage House. By offering appointments on both the first and third Thursday of every month, we hope to make it even more convenient for community members to get the support they need. Our community service program is designed to improve medication safety, reduce complications, and ultimately help our patients feel their best,” Yoder said.

“Brown Bag” medication reviews will take place on the first and third Thursday of every month. Appointments at La Luz Center will be available on the first Thursday of each month to provide easier access for communities and neighborhoods closer to the La Luz Center. Vintage House will continue to host the “Brown Bag” reviews at their facility on the third Thursday of each month.

Sonoma Valley Health Care District residents taking multiple medications can make an appointment at either site for their no-cost and confidential one-on-one consultation with our Community Pharmacist Team. After making your appointment, plan to bring: all prescribed medications (including pills, eye drops, and creams), supplements, all over-the-counter medicines taken regularly, all vitamins and supplements, and all herbal medicines.

The appointment is centered on providing a professional evaluation of your prescribed and non-prescribed medications, supplements, and remedies. The Pharmacist will review with you safe and effective medication use tips. Answer your questions about medications and their interactions. The SVH Pharmacist will also provide health information and education. Participants are encouraged to bring along their care team of caregivers and family to the session.

Here is site specific contact information to make your appointment (strongly recommend appointments be made soon, as they are filled on a first-come first-served basis):

1st Thursday – La Luz Center

17560 Gregor Street, Boyes Hot Springs

Registration: 707.938.5131

Interpretation services available.

45-minute private consultations with a SVH Pharmacist

9:00 – 1:00 pm

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