Sonoma’s Planning Commission to review parking space standards

Posted on March 16, 2024 by Sonoma Sun

At its meeting on Thursday, March 21, Sonoma’s Planning Commission will review recommendations about changes in City of Sonoma parking standards, both the minimum size requirements and the number of spaces required per use. These changes would apply to new commercial parking lots and multi-family housing developments.

As noted in the report by the commission’s Ad Hoc Parking Standards Committee, “The City of Sonoma’s Parking Standards are out of step with both state and regional standards. Some matters were updated in 2015, but more work needs to be done. Notably, the current standards (parking stall sizes) are contained within a separate document outside of the City’s Development Code, and referred to therein simply as “current city standards.” This makes it difficult to locate; moreover, that document incorrectly refers to State Standards as well as outdated city regulations. ”

With an objective to “Bring the city’s parking standards up to date to recognize that since being last updated in 2015 many state laws and regulations have changes that impact the requirements of parking infrastructure.
To address the city’s climate action plan, modify the city’s parking standards to incorporate and support
a more integrated approach to GHG impacts, Heat Island Effects, Stormwater Management, and Urban
Forest goals” the commission as a whole will review the city’s current standards and if it agrees with the proposed changes, forward recommendations to the City Council for its approval.

The public is invited to attend, comment, and ask questions. The meeting begins at 6:00 pm in the Community Meeting Room, 175 First Street West.

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