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The Sun also rises…in June

Posted on April 16, 2024 by Sonoma Sun

We are pleased to announce that the Sonoma Valley Sun will continue to be published and printed twice monthly, beginning June 1, 2024.

With the love and support of Val Robichaud’s family, we have reorganized the business under new ownership; two Sun newspaper veterans each with almost 20 years’ involvement with the paper – Anna Pier and Larry Barnett –  will be joined by Alyssa Conder, the Sun’s Arts Editor, and David Bolling, former Editor and publisher of the Index Tribune and Sonoma Magazine, and founder of Valley of the Moon magazine, bringing more than 40 years of professional newspaper and magazine publishing experience. Bolling will assume the role of Editor for the Sun, incorporating a collaborative relationship with Barnett, Pier and Conder, and with an evolving roster of volunteer columnists.

The Sun will continue to publish topical editorials, report current events, and pursue investigative journalism to provide insights and information about the important issues, controversies and culture of Sonoma Valley, the City of Sonoma, the complex constituencies of our community and its people. A number of key issues confronting the Valley will receive feature attention, prominently including the future of the Sonoma Developmental Center property and efforts to orchestrate an outcome more in keeping with the priorities and vision of the local community.

We are working to expedite the creation of nonprofit status for the Sun, a status that will enable community members to make tax deductible contributions to support our work. We are just at the beginning of this revitalized venture, and the continuing support of the community of readers and the advertisers are part of our formula for success. Sustaining local journalism is more difficult than ever, but over the last month we’ve become convinced that the community wants this paper to remain in print. The Sonoma Valley Sun has always been the community’s independent voice, and we will continue to be so. We are not dependent on corporate ownership or ownership from outside the Valley, and our paper will remain free to the public.

We are excited by, and deeply touched the outpouring of appreciation for Val and the paper he worked so tirelessly and joyfully to provide. We are proud to continue what Val’s sister Nikki so eloquently dubbed, “Val’s legacy.” Shine on Sonoma Valley, shine on Val.

Sun Editorial Board:
David Bolling ([email protected]),
Larry Barnett ([email protected]),
Alyssa Conder ([email protected]),
Anna Pier ([email protected])

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