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Springs colors

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun

springs paint 1 Artist and muralist Rico Martin continues to bring a bright and vivid palette to businesses in the Springs as part of county-funded façade improvement program.

Rico Martin_Armandos spring paints 2

Rather than a standard “cookie cutter approach,” Martin said each job is unique, with one constant – “bright colors! It is amazing what simply bright beautiful colors can do to bring lightness and smiles to a neighborhood.”

Rico Martin_Tienda Iniguez_80A7334 spring paint 3While Martin, county officials and the business owners feel that bringing art and color to the area can be part of a revitalizing process, the designs are not without detractors. The colors are garish and tacky some say, and are a stereotype of Mexican culture.

Photos by Adrian Hyman

3 thoughts on “Springs colors

  1. I loves this guys stuff. I think it’s fun and beautiful and it makes me proud to say i live in the springs.

  2. I think these are amazing! Coming from a graphic designer the original comps weren’t very well presented but the finished product is brilliant and completely livens up the droll looking area.

    Lighten up, people!

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