New bike rack sculpture installed in Plaza

Posted on February 28, 2011 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The cool new sculpture adjacent to the Plaza horseshoe is, in fact, a custom-designed bicycle rack commissioned by the City of Sonoma Cultural and Fine Arts Commission and created by local artist Bryan Tedrick. The sculpture bicycle rack is a result of the City’s combined interest in public art and the promotion of the use of bicycles.  The City Council adopted a Public Art program in March 2009 with a goal of helping “to guarantee the development of public art work as a whole in the City, ensuring a closer relationship between the landscape, buildings, community, and art.”  A couple of months later as the Council considered the Plaza Bicycle Parking Plan, which was an outcome of the Sonoma Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, they suggested that a public art component be added to the plan, allocating funding for the project at the same time.

One thought on “New bike rack sculpture installed in Plaza

  1. Kudos to the City Council, Cultural and Fine Arts Commission and Bryan Tedrick for creating something unique for the Plaza. Too bad we couldn’t have done the same thing for the recently installed bike racks at the new East MacArthur Park just completed by the Ecology Center.

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