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Cheers, Sonoma!: Oso’s Cucumber Gimlet

Posted on March 23, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Oso is known for its small plates, fresh seafood, and intimate, energetic atmosphere. However, Oso also shines for cocktails. Like many Sonoma Valley establishments, Oso has a great, ever-changing selection of Sonoma County’s finest wines and beers, they also offer more exotic options: sake and soju cocktails (the latter is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea, a type of sake or vodka-style alcohol). Their drinks are refreshing, low in alcohol, and work great with Oso’s fresh, contemporary flavors.

Oso’s bar staff works collaboratively to create cocktails that are in season and challenge themselves to create unique drinks with their limited alcohol license limits. While sommeliers are stars here in Wine Country (and shout out to Oso’s Wine Manager Brian Kulich, who brings his previous experience with SF’s Boulevard and Aqua to Sonoma), Oso’s bar staff makes classy cocktails with old school techniques and a good show. One of my past favorites: a seasonal French 75 using JCB N°69 sparkling wine and fresh squeezed local fruit juice. That started my obsession with their drinks…I longed for spring and sitting on the patio out back at Oso, perfect for day drinking and romantic evenings. But, don’t get too excited Sonoma: the patio currently exists as an empty, patron free state, patiently awaiting permissions from the powers that be (The city, the landlord? Who knows…).

Well Sonoma, Spring has sprung and you deserve a nice, refreshing, tasty cocktail: a Cucumber Gimlet. Oso’s recipe uses in-house juniper infused soju, which isn’t easy to find in Sonoma Valley, so try it with a good quality clean tasting gin. Or just stop in and have one at Oso, instead.

Oso’s Cucumber Gimlet

You’ll need:

  • 1 large or two small cubed cucumbers
  • 1 lime
  • Gin (Try Sebastopol’s own Spirit Works Gin which you can get at Sonoma Market)
  • Simple syrup
  • Ice
  • A shaker, strainer, and martini class

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Muddle 6-8 cubed cucumber pieces
  2. Squeeze in one lime
  3. Add 3 oz of gin
  4. Add ½ oz simple syrup
  5. Add ice
  6. Shake
  7. Strain into a martini glass
  8. Garnish with a lovely slice of cucumber

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