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Wrestling divas meet B.R. Cohn

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Sarah Stierch

It wasn’t until last week did I know there was a reality TV show about female wrestlers and other prominent female figures in the realm of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Called Total Divas, the show follows a group of WWE Divas (that’s the official title for prominent female personalities in the WWE scene) during their work lives and personal lifes.

The only reason this crossed my radar was because of Twitter. B.R. Cohn Winery tweeted that Assistant Tasting Room Manager Garrett Heinz had been on the show:

The episode Garrett was featured in was from last week, titled “Gone with the Wine,” it’s promoted as this:

“The life of a WWE performer takes sacrifice, which can take its toll on one’s mental health and personal relationships. This is really spotlighted on this week’s edition of Total Divas. It’s not all glitz and glamour with these ladies.”

Hence why the Divas needed a visit to Wine Country.

And, yeah, I’m rolling my eyes right there with you, dear reader.

Like other reality shows that visit our community, the producers don’t say they are in Sonoma Valley. They say they are in NAPA…but, c’mon, we know where they’re at, Sonoma Valley (or at least for the wine tasting bit).

Total Divas chug chug chuged at B.R. Cohn
Total Divas chug chug chuged at B.R. Cohn

Like all “celebrity” sightings in the area, I couldn’t resist to contact the winery to see how this all came about.

Turns out Open Air Jeep Tours suggested B.R. Cohn for a tasting, and the program’s agent contacted the winery. Ok, easy enough, but, why did B.R. Cohn choose Garrett?

“…he has a great personality and an extremely welcoming demeanor, he’s good looking, and he’s good with the ladies!”

Are these are prerequisites to be hired at the winery? Perhaps I need to go wine tasting at B.R. Cohn winery more often.

But seriously, Garrett said it was a lot of fun, “I had a blast. It’s a regular occurrence to pour wine for beautiful ladies, but not usually with a  camera in my face!”

The ladies share their woes with Garrett, who patiently listens, as he does with so many tipsy tourists. However, one of the women gets really annoyed that her sister is “sharing this really personal stuff with this stranger,” being Garrett. Drama!

If you want a good laugh, and a good excuse to cancel your cable subscription, check out the episode here.

And of course, go drink some wine at B.R. Cohn. 15000 Sonoma Hwy, Glen Ellen; 800-330-4064;


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