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Sabino’s taco truck is back!

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Sarah Stierch
The beloved taco truck is back in Kenwood (Photo: Marcy Smothers)
The beloved taco truck is back in Kenwood (Photo: Marcy Smothers)

In August, a white SUV crossed Highway 12, in Kenwood, crashing into a taco truck driven and owned by Sabino Coronel-Rosas.

With a cult following, word traveled quickly on social media, as locals reported the accident and started inquiring about the future of the truck and the health of Coronel-Rosas and his passenger.

We’re happy to report that the truck is back on Highway 12 and Dunbar in Glen Ellen as of this afternoon (Friday, 9/18).

“I was elated to see his backup truck doing business in his spot today. Fabian is slinging the Al Pastor,” shared Marcy Smothers, who snapped the above photograph and shared it with social media.

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