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The Other Guys get a name change

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun
The Other Guys is now 3 Badge Beverage Corporation (Photo: John Stierch)
The Other Guys is now 3 Badge Beverage Corporation (Photo: John Stierch)

August Sebastiani’s wine and spirits company, The Other Guys, has had a name change.

After moving into the Sonoma Firehouse at Broadway and Patten, Sebastiani discovered a set of documents about the Sebastiani family’s participation regarding the building.

As it turns out, Sebastiani’s grandfather, the “original” August Sebastiani, was a volunteer firefighter stationed at the building. Grandfather Sebastiani earned three badges during his service – Active, Retired and Honorary.

Therefore, the new name for grandson Sebastiani’s company: 3 Badge Beverage Corporation.

Sebastiani has been making wine under the Other Guys for many years, which will now be a division of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation (3 Badge Enology) and his booze division will be 3 Badge Mixology, formally known as 35 Maple Street Spirits.

Many a Sonoman has tasted Sebastiani’s brands out and about. His Hey Mambo is a staple at the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, Leese-Fitch is served at Murphy’s Irish Pub and Plungerhead has made an appearance at Stompers games.

Drink wise, Masterson’s Whiskey, Bib & Tucker Bourbon, Kirk and Sweeney Rum, and Uncle Val’s Gin are all produced by Sebastiani, too.

You can see the fancy new sign – and what appears to be a potential tasting room or lounge-type space, at their headquarters at 32 Patten St., Sonoma. 996-8463.

2 thoughts on “The Other Guys get a name change

  1. When I moved here in 1948, the firehouse was located in the ground floor of the City Hall building. There were vehicle doors on all four sides. Fire apparatus was backed into the building from each side. Was there a fire house sometime prior to that located at Broadway and Patten??

  2. City Hall operated as Sonoma’s firehouse from the inception of the Sonoma Volunteer Fire Company in 1888 until the Patten Street building was complete in late ’48. The Patten location was used until ’04, I believe, when the 2nd Street Station was completed.

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