Save Paul’s Field

Posted on January 6, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

I am a long time resident of Sonoma. I grew up in Sonoma. I went to Flowery, Altamira, and Sonoma Valley High School. I spent a lot of days in the stands at Paul’s Field watching both my brothers play t-ball through baseball.

This little field means more than just a piece of property. It is a tiny piece of Sonoma history. Why do we have to keep tearing down all of our precious memories? This place has seen so many Sonoma children/families walk the ground, play the field and bind themselves together with the simple community bond that can only be found in small community shared areas.

Please don’t tear down this field of dreams! There may not have been some grand players on this field but there have been some grand bonds made on it.

Betty Montano-Moonan, Sonoma

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One thought on “Save Paul’s Field

  1. My wife was raised here, I, myself have only been here for 18 awesome years. In that time, i watched a lot of families lose their homes, people come through and purchase homes out from people who saved for years to buy that one house they loved.
    Not once did i ever hear, the community say it wasnt fare, nor have i seen this community help those losing their jobs or homes during the recession.
    I did though watch thise peoplpe who were losing everything, see where this community’s loyalty lay.
    There are other baseball parks, with better parking.
    If you want to save Pauls Field, maybe we should start by saving our overly fast streets, litter and drug waste in our parks and help out those who need help.

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