A tribute to Kathy

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

It probably should have been called Kathy’s Post Office instead of the El Verano Post Office. If you knew her, you understand that sentence… if you didn’t know her, you missed a very special person. I wonder if she was aware that she had such a fan club.

We could write letter after letter (and it seems we just might) about the many ways she touched our lives. She allowed us all to feel that we were her friends, not just postal customers.

Yes, she did a great job, but she went way beyond the job description again and again. Whether it was painting the space on weekends… bringing in little wind-up toys or flowers from the garden… showing off the newest pretty stamp… making sure that a visa picture was flattering…asking about your family… or offering help to everyone…Kathy brought life to the little El Verano Post Office.

Not that long ago, I went into the post office and saw a large box of doughnuts. I asked Kathy about them and she laughed, saying “It’s customer appreciation day – help yourself!”

When I dug up iris plants to divide, I asked Kathy if she’s like some. She enthusiastically said “yes”. Shortly after that, I received a piece of chocolate with a note. She wrote how excited she was with the iris and that she’d be sure to take pictures when they bloomed to show me.

On Christmas Eve she volunteered to call me at home if a package arrived that I’d hoped would come before Christmas…

It’s so difficult to believe she is no longer with us, but we were so very lucky to have known her. There is a new bright twinkling star shining in the heavens.

So long my friend.

Irmgard Brenncke, Sonoma 

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  1. Heaven’s PO probably needed the best person for the job and they went directly to El Verano PO to hire her. She’s was the most loving, caring, enthusiastic, happy person you can ever meet in your life. Goodbye Kathy… we will miss you forever!

    Without your presence Bay St will not be the same.

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