Chipping in for Houston

Posted on September 13, 2017 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Alegria Silvi

Moved by the devastation in the Houston area caused by Hurricane Harvey, Crescent Montessori fifth grader Alegría Silvi decided to join the relief effort by organizing two bake sales.

The sales will be held on Thursday, September 14 and Thursday, September 28, from 2:40 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. at the back patio of the Sonoma Community Center.

“I want to help,” Silvi said. “I heard on the news that it will be a long road to recovery, and I want them to know that we are thinking of them.”

She’ll be joined in the effort by her classmates. All proceeds will be used for school supplies and donations for the Montessori schools in the Houston area.

“They need our help,” she said. “I think it would make them happy that people in Sonoma are looking out for them and thinking about them. It’s our responsibility and a blessing to help one another in our world.”


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