Message from SV Hospital’s outgoing CEO

Posted on December 30, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun
It has been a pleasure serving as the CEO of Sonoma Valley Hospital for the past decade, writes Kelly Mather, who is leaving the post this week.
“Over the years,” she continues, “we’ve shared the progress and accomplishments of our hospital…and they have been many! This could never have happened without the support of our community, so thank you again.
“I will truly miss the team here and have been honored to work with so many healthcare leaders and angels. Their dedication to our patients and community has always amazed me and has made me feel such pride. I trust that is one thing that will never change. While I’m leaving Sonoma Valley Hospital, I’m excited to continue to be a resident of Sonoma, as well as remain a part of the UCSF Health family in my new position.
“I believe we will witness even more positive growth here at SVH in the years ahead. We will continue to provide access to the best technology, adopt industry best practices and build a stronger connection with the best system in the Bay Area, UCSF Health. Because we embraced change over the years (although not without some consternation), the future for SVH is very bright.
“I leave you with two of my favorite words: INSPIRE and CREATING. These words have guided my journey in healthcare over the years and have kept me focused on the vision here in Sonoma. Thank you for the trust I hope that I have INSPIRED, and thank you for joining me in creating the future.
“CREATING is the acronym for our values as an organization. This touchstone has come to life as we have embraced and modeled these values to create an excellent healthcare experience for our community.
“As I turn over the leadership, I know in my heart that Team SVH will always be CREATING through Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation, Nurturing and Guidance.

“With deepest gratitude and in good health,”

— Kelly Kelly Mather

Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA