The seditious must be held accountable

Posted on January 18, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

As a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran from Sonoma, and as someone who took an oath to serve and protect to defend our democracy, I must speak out strongly about the disgraceful coup attempt that we witnessed in DC on January 6. It is imperative that there be accountability for all those who conspired to undermine our free and fair elections through violence and intimidation, and that includes the cynical elected officials who pandered to Trump and his vile conspiracy theories.

These enablers are equally complicit to Trump in the violent mob scene we saw desecrating the people’s Capitol, and we cannot allow promoters of seditious lies to enjoy the honor of serving in our Congress. They have betrayed us. This crisis has been brewing for years, as millions of people watched a growing political movement motivated by cruelty, resentment, and ignorance grow to a violent mob now trying to seize power, whatever the costs to our country.

The only acceptable option for American citizens still dedicated to rule of law is to unite and demand that our remaining elected leaders and law enforcement fully prosecute those political leaders responsible for this debacle. Anything else would invite further attempts to seize power and further acts of violence and chaos.

— David Morell, Sonoma

2 thoughts on “The seditious must be held accountable

  1. Amen. We not only have to go after those who stormed the Capital but the dark money who funded these people and the elected members of Congress who betrayed their Oath of Office. We must cut deep to root out this cancer. We have to leave a Legacy for future generations that will long be remembered after we are gone. Protecting our Democracy is a sacred duty for all.

  2. Thank you David,
    Thank you for speaking out for the many of us who either didn’t have the time because we were otherwise occupied, shied away from potential blacklisting in our communities (neighborhoods, jobs, churches, etc.) or just didn’t find the time. For those; shame on us! That’s a lot of why we’re in this mess! It’s time, not just for us veterans, but all citizens to speak out and be heard!
    Protect our Democracy!

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