A great roll-out 

Posted on February 8, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Last Saturday [2/6], I received my first COVID vaccine shot at Sonoma Valley High School. I was so impressed with the efficiency and care that every healthcare worker exhibited during the 18-minute process. Each worker was friendly and reassuring. 

I never had to leave my car, and there were enough steps post-vaccine to keep one occupied for the fifteen-minute wait period that is required following the shot. I brought a book because I expected to be waiting in my car somewhere in the lot with nothing else to do — except maybe fret about the possibility of being one of those rare people who have a reaction. But, no time for such fretting, or even reading. They had it all worked out in a very well-coordinated process that kept one occupied and relaxed. 

So, kudos to all who were helping with the vaccines last weekend. You did an incredible job!

— Georgia Kelly, Sonoma 


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  1. We have Ben trying for weeks to get our shots. Please help us with a drive up clinic.

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