Anti-maskers proudly march around Sonoma Plaza

Posted on April 10, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

An anti-mask contingent calling itself Save Our Sonoma marched around Sonoma Plaza on Saturday to protest the Covid lockdown and mask mandates.

About 30 proudly mask-free activists paraded around the Square with signs ranging from “Air is good 4 U” to “Free our children.” 

The group gathered at the foot of Broadway in front of City Hall – not eliciting many supportive honks – and then ended at the Bear Flag Revolt statue.

Some of the participants were asked to leave local stores and restaurants when they tried to enter without masks. 

A group of three boys on bikes (wearing masks) was spotted with a handful of masks they offered to protest participants. There were no takers.

The group name seems to indicate Sonoma County, not necessarily the town, as participants were from around the region. The protestors were hesitant to identify themselves, but offered comments nonetheless: “This is against our American rights. They don’t have the right to tell me to wear a mask,” and, “All our rights are being taken away”.

 Others declared “It’s not a pandemic,” and even if it is, “Most people who get it are obese and they’re smokers.”

When asked why surgeons wear masks when they are operating, one woman said, “They don’t!” Another added, “It keeps the spit from going in the body.”

Nearby, a woman held a “Do The Research” sign.

Letter: Cruelty and lies at Sonoma anti-mask protest

— Reporting by Sarah Ford. 



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