Cruelty and lies at Sonoma anti-mask ‘protest’

Posted on April 11, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

At the Sonoma Plaza on Saturday, April 10, an anti-mask marcher carried a sign that read “I Can’t Breathe.” I called out that her offensive appropriation of those words was wrong. Others in the area spoke in agreement with me. The sign carrier smiled.

After their two turns around the Plaza, they retreated to the Barracks parking lot. A subgroup remained, filming an interview with three of the women. The “I Can’t Breathe” sign was propped against their bench. When they finished and stood, the sign slid underfoot. One of them said, “You stepped on George Floyd!” Laughter. Another said, “I wanted to write “George Floyd” on it, but I thought that might be too much.” I loudly said, “That would have been very wrong, it’s already wrong that you used those words.” Then I started my phone video. They would not repeat their vile statements for the camera.

This, apparently, is who they are. Using the dying words of a Black man and of a true social justice movement for their own misguided assertions, and laughing about it. 

The woman who carried the sign and was interviewed on the bench does not live in Sonoma. She believes that Trump is still president. She believes George Floyd was a crisis actor and the whole incident was fake and funded by Soros and the Rothchilds. This is one of the people speaking for the “Save Our Sonoma” group, and advising against masks and the Covid vaccine. Should we trust her?

— Carol Allison, Sonoma


49 thoughts on “Cruelty and lies at Sonoma anti-mask ‘protest’

  1. I was presen when you went by the group of people and the wind was blowing the signs around, someone making a joke “oh no you stepped on George Floyd” was actually a point of correcting the slip-up as note of respect. You’re proceeding to take out a phone and harass the people during their interview and to write it this wat, was obviously your own way to make a story out of something you were projecting into the meaning of someone else’s words. But thank you for bringing attention to the actual cause which is this: ATTENTION some people genuinely shouldn’t be wearing masks and THEY CANNOT BREATHE WELL ENOUGH IN THEM thus event was to advocate for those with disabilities and trauma related psychological issues with masks, That they have been required to wear in order to be a part of the community which is discrimination and your prejudice remarks are worse than what you claim they said. So sincerely do you think you could also be caring about them? Smh Did you get enough attention from riding this piece in the paper and belittling those who need our help? get a life!

    1. Christian: Your other comment with the exact same text, submitted by ‘Chris,’ has not been posted. Why try twice? Did you feel you would not get enough attention “riding” the first one?

      1. I submitted twice after several errors and no confirmation of a posted reply. I again tried to enter with the typos corrected, but it was rejected as a copy. So, thanks for highlighting the errors and recognizing my submission by making fun of me.

          1. You’re right. It was not written by a professional. It was written by a reader as a Letter to the Editor, and is clearly marked as such. Freedom of expression. Is that not one of your tenets, or only when it comes to the no-mask thing?

    2. The sign had actually fallen down already, feet were on it during the interview. They only noticed when they stood up, and their joke was far from a “note of respect.” It was a joke, and they all laughed. There is no way to interpret it as respect. The fact that they knowingly used his dying words on their sign was already disrespectful.

      And I did not harass them during the interview. I could have spoken during the filming but I chose not to, yes out of respect even though I did not agree with them. I waited until they were done. And I only spoke when they showed their utterly disgusting exploitation and disrespect of George Floyd and what those words mean to the social justice movement they are part of. I cannot and will not stand by for that. It is not about attention for myself. It is because I am in a position to do so.

      1. We should all have your courage, Carol. I am disgusted to hear about this episode, and I thank you for speaking out.

    3. Christian , you claim that your “actual cause” is to help people who have medical or psychological reasons for not being able to wear a mask. I would never have known that from observing your “march”. I would suggest that your cause would be better served if those signs your group is holding actually reflected that concern, rather than blatatnt lies from from the lunatic fringe.

  2. There is no explains the comment about stepping on George Floyd. Incredibly insensitive and wrong. The very few people who genuinely cannot tolerate a mask can wear a face shield. It’s to prevent droplets of virus. I am 35 yr Operating room nurse. Want me to scrub your surgery without a mask? I bet not. It’s not rocket science.

    1. The words “I can’t breathe” do not belong to any one person, experience, or movement. If you honor his cry for help, why not also hear theirs?

      1. Nice gaslighting attempts. As you admit above, you were there when I was and heard them invoke George Floyd in connection with their sign. They knew exactly what they were doing. It was not a neutral use of those words.

        You claim their cause was just to advocate for those with disabilities and trauma who cannot wear a mask – not true. Their signs say “Masks Don’t Work”, “Take Off Your Face Diaper”, “Masks = Currency of Control.” There was far more going on than what you say.

        I have to wonder if you are actually part of the group, posing here as just a bystander who witnessed my experience in the parking lot. Why would you hide that, if so?

  3. I was there at that ridiculous excuse for a March. Less than 40 uninformed people spreading their garbage for all the world to see and so chicken sh!t that they wouldn’t go on the record.
    Masks save lives. It’s science. I don’t care if you qanon crazy people believe that or not. You made not a lick of difference for your cause. It was pathetic. Saddest parade I’ve ever been to.

    1. Maybe Dr. Fauci should teach you how to count. There was over 80 people protesting along with the support from people in the square and people driving by. It was an uplifting event and zero fatalities. Walking around in the sun is good for the immune system. It’s science!

      1. Sheesh — No fatalities? Is that really your measure of a successful event?

      2. Several people counted the marchers at different times and from different parts of the plaza. The number was between 35 – 40.
        The group was mostly ignored and sometimes opposed or offered masks.
        No fatalities – you mean all those people on the plaza wearing masks didn’t drop dead? Wow!
        Walking around In the sun is great, and wearing a mask when you are near others is respectful and safe.

      3. I counted very carefully during the group’s circle around the Plaza. I stand by my take that there were no more than 40. But I am not surprised that there is no agreement on objective reality.

  4. Carol, your reporting was biased before you even began your interview. You twisted and inserted information that wasn’t shared with you. Our group was astonished at your lack of truly having any interest in reporting our cause, and you were clearly targeting what you could misconstrue. Your “news” is a farce and honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself for lacking in any decent, honest reporting. None of what you reported was accurate or true. Let me provide some facts to you, because it appears as though your knowledge base is rooting only in shaming and hateful intent. Here is the reason why masks are not necessary. There is no “science” to any super spreader events that have occurred in outside environments, so masks are not very useful or necessary in outdoor environments. I am not going to debate with you over the facts, but I would encourage you to do real research. Wearing masks outside is simply not necessary. We are no longer in a “pandemic” — the stage we are currently in is an “endemic” and the numbers are flattening. The mortality rate in this County is a mere 99.94%. We no longer need masks, especially outside — these “mandates” are not laws. Our tyrannical governor is extending a “State of Emergency” when there is no longer an “emergency.” Not only can some not wear masks for health reasons, most of us don’t want our faces covered for political reasons of control — this is what is meant by wanting our personal freedoms — to breathe, show or faces, and not be forced for reasons especially NOW during the ENDEMIC state of a Pandemic. Because the numbers are flattening, the “restrictions” should also be ending, but they are not. If you would like more information, I suggest you do some unbiased research on the “science” behind the effectiveness of wearing masks outside to decrease the spread of COVID and I believe you will be enlightened.

    1. The above comment came from the administrator of Save Our Sonoma, the group that staged the mask rally. The Sun believes that is important context. And wonders why they don’t.

      1. What difference does it make who I am, and the context under which I submit my comment to your hateful article? What a superficial and caddy response — you didn’t even address the many points I made regarding the “issues” behind rallying for maskless Sonoma.
        I was very involved and present at the march on Saturday, and yes, our group did assist to organize the efforts. There were hundreds of people that were interested in attending the rally, and we did count there were 88 people who attended, not 40. Counter to that, there were 3-4 “pro mask” protesters. We have over 1200 concerned Sonoma County citizens on our email platform, who receive our newsletters and notifications. Our mission and efforts are listed there for anyone interested:
        P.S. Your submitting comment section promised the commenters that all email addresses would be private, is that right? Clearly, you gave mine away based on your references. Another outrageous move, Carol.

        1. You are still confused, Sarah. I did not write the comment you are responding to. My name is not on it. I am not the editor of the Sun and do not work there. I really wonder how well you interpret complex information when you can’t even get this simple situation straight.

        2. Your so-called issues are nothing but lunatic right wing propaganda. And your flag in chains visual looks eerily like the Confederate flag. Coincidence? I think not. You aren’t fooling anyone with your stupid claim that people can’t breathe in face masks; I wore a face mask cross country last fall on a 7+ hour flight. Healthcare and other essential workers wear masks for 12+ hours a day. Your so-called issues have nothing to do with facts or science. They’re nothing but faux libertarian nonsense drummed up by creepy, white supremacist QAnon craziness and MAGA fascism. No one with any human decency or empathy would ever laugh at the way George Floyd died, deprived of oxygen after 9 1/2 minutes. Shame on you.

      1. She’s not, though. Her first sentence is absolutely wrong. I’m not a reporter and I didn’t interview her. She missed all the facts right on the page in front of her. Maybe I won’t look to her for scientific and medical advice.

        1. Carol, I stand mistaken if you don’t work for the Sun. Oh, I am re-reading here and you were just a bystander, curious about our group and already having a hateful agenda. I see. Thanks for clarifying!

          1. Yes, Sarah, you are mistaken and you stand corrected. I’m glad you re-read my letter and realized your error. Your opinion of me is your own, although I don’t claim it as accurate – nor do I rely on your version of “science” and “facts” as accurate.

    2. Sarah S., you should look at this a little more closely. This a letter to the editor, stated clearly at the top. I am a citizen expressing my opinion and my personal experience. I am not a reporter and do not work for the newspaper. I did not interview you or anyone in your group. For someone who apparently claims to be so much better at looking at facts and research than I am, it’s puzzling that you couldn’t see what was right in front of you here. Perhaps you can check again and be enlightened.

    3. Sarah – you shouldn’t use “science” in a sentence when all you do is speak bullshit.

      Shut your MAGA mouth, with your MAGA opinions, and go away. Florida would love to have you…

  5. When one’s signs state mis-truths, it tends to taint any other opinions. One of your signs declared that “99.9% Survive.” I assumed this means 99.9% of the US population. Clearly that is untrue, since the US population is 320 million, and .1% of that number would be 320,000 (still a tragic loss). But in reality, over 560,000 have died. And public health experts estimate that 10% of those infected with Covid become long-haulers, with serious and potentially life-long consequences. Given that there are 31 million Americans that have contracted Covid, that translates to over 3 million long-haulers. Your groups suggests “getting informed.” You might consider adopting your own medicine.

    1. You think these knuckle heads can do math? They can’t even count.

      They firmly believe in blatant misinformation because it backs their wants. Scientific facts and overwhelmingly vast consensus are labeled as leftist propaganda.

  6. I don’t know why Sarah S. Is whining about “bias” in this “news”. It doesn’t say it is “news”. It is a “letter to the editor “, which is “opinion and not “neutral’.

    You can totally be outside without a mask as long as you are away from other people. Just “hang” on and “calm down” for a couple more months. “Restrictions” are already being lifted. And stop pretending to be a “victim”. It is still a free country. And cool it with the “quotes” please.

  7. I would have sold a bunch of tin-foil hats at this “rally” had I known! I guess I need to get on Parler?

  8. Omg. I’m a reporter and this isn’t a story or journalism it’s blatant personal criticism. Did you go to journalism school? Learn how to cover an event fairly. One person does not quantify a total rally?

    1. You’re right: it’s not a story, it’s clearly marked as a letter to the editor. A personal opinion. You know, like freedom of expression.

  9. Oh but this group is SO right! It seems clear that the media has hidden from the public the fact that more than several million doctors and nurses who have been wearing double masks and additional face shields full time for 10-14 hour shifts have died on the job from asphyxiation due to lack of the ability to breathe due to those face diapers. Why oh why is no one listening to the “Save our Sonoma” people, especially those who live elsewhere?

  10. Though things are looking up I still worry. Though we have been vaccinated we still wear masks when around others to make sure they feel safe, as they do not know if we are vaccinated or not. Today we had a notary over to sign refinance documents for our rental house. We all wore masks. The US is getting there, and I can not understand why we can not have a bit more patience to make sure we do not have another surge in cases. Real freedom is not about having to wearing a mask when you are close to others. Real freedom is about equality and making sure we are all treating each other with respect and trying to protect others, so that they will not suffer.

  11. Oh my God. I am in Texas and stumbled across this article after reading something else. Thanks for the laugh. It sounds like the people ion California are really just as dumb as everyone says they are. You are living in a bubble and you don’t even know it. The rest of the country has moved on. This story sounds like it was written by Karen. It clearly has a biased and gossipy tone to it.

  12. Have the anti-maskers been vaccinated to protect themselves and others? If you do not wear a mask, stay 6′ away.

  13. For me, there are several disturbing takeaways from the exchanges around Carol’s letter. I am struck by how few on the side of the “protestors” seemed to accurately parse the original post, their own messages, the comments by those who countered their gathering, and basic information around Covid. As Carol noted, she is not an employee of the Sun, she is not a news reporter, and the post was not a presented as a news article. It was clearly labeled as a “letter to the editor.” As such, she was detailing her own experiences and observations from the gathering. And having been there myself, I would say it was similar to my own observations. What I find disturbing about the comments from supporters of the group, is the seeming lack of agreement on objective reality. I counted the numbers of the group, multiple times. I saw no more than 40, not 80. And countless of their signs indicated that Covid is “99.9% Curable,” or that “99.9% Survive.” Clearly this is untrue, via a simple calculation of the 563,000 Americans that have died out of the US population of 331 million. And this doesn’t begin to address the millions of “long-haulers,” with lasting and debilitating conditions. Further, one of the more recent anti-mask comments here baselessly and absurdly claims that “several million doctors and nurses, who have been wearing double masks and additional face shields full time for 10-14 hour shifts, have died on the job from asphyxiation due to lack of the ability to breathe due to those face diapers.” It becomes difficult to imagine how a country can function in a complex world with people who seemingly can’t distinguish between a news article and an editorial letter, who seemingly can’t perform simple statistical calculations, and who confidently repeat absurd falsehoods about millions of medical people supposedly dying of asphyxiation from wearing masks. I shudder to think that such people are out there voting.

    1. I think Jodella D. was being facetious. I think she meant it to mock the idea that you will suffocate from wearing a mask.

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