Sonoma Grange #407 — welcome back

Posted on April 4, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun
You may have heard the recent news, if not — the Springs Hall building is once again a Grange Hall!
After years of working through issues with the organization, the Springs Hall has reached an agreement with the State Grange and is returning to the Grange structure.
Myself and the Springs Hall board, including Ray and  Laurie Gallian, Michael Acker, Ariel Osborne, Terry Mahood, and many others, put in the hard work of keeping this hall local and open.  This new agreement allows for that, but requires local support. 
The Sonoma Springs Community Hall organization is renaming as the Sonoma Springs Commons, in order to maintain the 501c3 status that will continue as a voice for local agriculture and community service and improvements, particularly in the Springs.  We hope to once again host fun and educational activities at the Hall and in the “Commons”, spaces such as the Springs Community Garden at Larson Park.  Our last compost and plant giveaway was a big success, we gave out 1000’s of vegetable starts and 20 yards of compost. Look for another garden event shortly!
We now have two organizations that will support the Springs and Sonoma Valley.  The Grange needs your support as new or returning members.  The current and past leadership has managed this local asset, ensuring its availability and service, and are looking for more folks to help in its oversight and outreach.  We will be working closely with Sonoma Overnight Support (SOS) to keep their essential service at the Hall, while opening up new possibilities for the community.  
Thank you for all the support over the years.  The mission of the Hall for “Healthy Farms, Healthy Food, Healthy Community” will continue even stronger through the Grange and the Springs Commons, and we look forward to your input and contributions.  The new Grange will require members and leadership to continue the successes of the past decade or so, so consider joining in making a brighter future for the Springs and Sonoma Valley.  Speaking of which, we are currently looking at solar power options for the building, as a model and for good clean local power!
PS look for Grange-specific emails from [email protected].  The SVG website and facebook page will be forthcoming. This email will transition to [email protected].
Thank you for your presence in our community!
— Seth Dolinsky

Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA