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Catherine Sevenau Catherine Sevenau is a writer, humorist, and storyteller living in Sonoma, California. The stories in this series are excerpts from her book, Through Any Given Door, a Family Memoir. The full memoir is available as a web series at A longtime Realtor and Owner/Broker at CENTURY 21 Wine Country, she can be reached at [email protected]


Today we heard President Truman’s speech

Posted on April 15, 2022 by Catherine Sevenau

Chapter 31: 1947 • Sonora ~ continuation of my brother’s diary

1947 • Larry’s Diary (age 13)

Mar 1  I bought boy scout whistle card and slide. Got radio into my room. Bought new kite and put it together. Got a new lock for door.
Mar 2  My kite broke today while I was flying it in a strong wind. Played basketball at Don Hamilton’s house for about 2 hours.
Mar 3  I got paid $5 for the month for afternoon route from Union Democrat. Paid some money at Baer’s clothing store. I only owe $2.04 now.
Mar 4  Bought two books today.
Mar 5  Today the paper came out late at 5 o’clock. Did some new experiments with chemistry set, I got my Current Events also.
Mar 6  Today the class at school heard President Truman’s speech instead of the Standard School Broadcast. Went to scout meeting.
Mar 7  I bought pair of heavy hiking shoes and borrowed a pack and a sleeping bag. 

Mar 8  I missed the bus and could not go on camping trip with scouts. Took bath and cleaned my room. Did some working at Father’s store today.
Mar 9  Wrecked scout knife trying to fix bad cord on radio and burned hole in blade from electricity. Went for a bike ride with Carleen. Beat Father and Carleen in Monopoly.
Mar 10  Broke glass in my clock. Got calendar with pictures of presidents of the United States. Took shoes over to be fixed.
Mar 11  Was ten minutes late for school at half hour lunch and Bird kept me one full hour after school along with 4 other boys.
Mar 12  Mr. Sweeney came to school and we had conservation week pictures. Took bath. 

Mar 13  Had the scout meeting at the American Legion Hall instead of the Youth Center which is being painted, Pat treated me to a hamburger. Carleen’s birthday.
Mar 14  Got haircut and later bought some stamps. Carleen has visitor.

Mar 15  Pat Conway and his aunt and 2 sailors visited overnight. Took bath. Carleen had birthday party.
Mar 16  Gave Delbert R some records and films. Sailors left with Pat’s Aunt. Went to show and saw To Each His Own.
Mar 17  Made some more experiments with chemistry set. Got a small rack to keep books and some other things in from the store.
Mar 18  Finished reading Secret Cargo. Went through 1940 Current Events at school. Two baby chicks died in the box today.
Mar 19  Had exhibit at school on Mexico. I exhibited Mexican coins and brought some stamps.
Mar 20  Went to scout meeting and discussed hike for Saturday. Exhibited stamps.
Mar 21  Had a basketball game at school. Tuolumne won both games, but had the largest boys. 

Mar 22  Went on scout hike to Phoenix Lake, was gone from 8:15 to 6:15, all day
Mar 23  Went for hike to Bald Mountain. Did some experiments and discovered sparklers
Mar 24  Tore my pants on the knee and skinned kneecaps. Have 74 miniatures now and some gold and silver ones today.
Mar 25  Did some experiments while making sparklers, found a way to burn metal with a match, also burned some sparklers today.
Mar 26  Sorted some stamps. Debbie R. gave me some Italy stamps. Got most of Ford Garage torn down for highway. Got Current Events.
Mar 27  Went to scout meeting. Girls holding party while we were having meeting. Went over to Donald Moore’s house.
Mar 28  Got maps of Sonora at Frye. Bought some stamps. Claudia had birthday party and got some storybook dolls.
Mar 29  Went to confession at church. Mr. Mouron gave all his paperboys 60 cents for circus but I did not go because it was and is raining
Mar 30  Aunt Elizabeth phoned long distance to tell my parents that my grandfather had died this afternoon. I went to church to inform them.
Mar 31  Gave Delbert some stamps and sorted out some. Received pay and paid $20 on bike.


To be continued…


Catherine Sevenau is a writer, humorist, and storyteller living in Sonoma, California. The stories in this series are excerpts from her book, Through Any Given Door, a Family Memoir, the full memoir is available at Catherine is an author of three books, several volumes of family genealogy, and a longtime Broker/Realtor at CENTURY 21 Epic Wine Country. [email protected]


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