Art of cultural reckoning

Posted on June 25, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Ary by Rose Hill

African American artist Rose Hill is well aware that the images she paints can be painful reminders of oppression and abuse. But while the imagery is controversial, “it’s still a part of our culture that is worthy of exploration and learning about the true origins and history of this long standing art form.”

In honor of Juneteenth, Hill’s art was featured in a four-day ‘pop up’ exhibition at Musette Atelier on Sonoma Plaza. June 19 commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States. 

“Rose was in the gallery for four days greeting guests and collectors, sharing art and stories and inviting people into awareness,” said Musette’s Shiloh Sophia, pictured with Hill above. Hill and her daughter Tish and granddaughter Quinn, all artists, attended as well. 

Rose Hill recently moved from Oakland to Sonoma, where she has a gallery and open studio at Sophia’s larger location (called Musea) on Fremont Drive.

By Tish Hill


“Musette is our local gallery with a global vision,” Sophia said. “Yet right here in Sonoma we can do what matters, tell the truth, share our goodness and support the vision for a future of equity, equality and good times.”

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