Winders for School Board

Posted on October 5, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun

After sending a questionnaire to all three school board candidates, based on her answers, the Sonoma Valley Housing Group has voted to endorse Celeste Winders as Sonoma Valley Unified School District’s Area Two trustee.

Area Two contains a big piece of Springs Census Tract 1503.05, a primarily Hispanic area with many indicators of poverty, much like the Roseland area in Santa Rosa.

It was an SVHG letter to SVUSD that precipitated the creation of area elections in 2020. We also lobbied for the current map that made Area Two slightly majority Latinx. The whole idea of having separate elections for each of five areas was to foster working-class Latinx self-determination, to have the voice of the people more accurately represented.

Celeste is Latina and a founding member of Comida Para Todos/ Food For All, which has been providing critical services to the Springs community in collaboration with the County and local philanthropists and includes many Latinx women leaders.

As Celeste’s candidacy shows, she is a deeply experienced, thoughtful, and well-educated voice on school issues for the people in Area Two, in particular those of the under-represented.

She represents an excellent opportunity to give a voice to the 65% Hispanic student population of SVUSD and their parents. Celeste is “one of their own” for the students and parents of Area Two. She represents the exact kind of collaboration and cooperation that’s needed at SVUSD.

We believe, as we did when we called for area elections, that Area Two indeed deserves to have one of their own speak for them as trustee. If they live in SVUSD Area Two, readers should please consider casting their vote for Celeste.

— Jim McFadden, Boyes Hot Springs, for the Sonoma Valley Housing Group

One thought on “Winders for School Board

  1. Wish I could endorse Celeste, but I can’t. She was individually a great help to our family, but her alliance with John Kelly should be a concern to everyone.
    Once Kelly wrapped himself in a cloak of righteousness by supporting the second $45k district expenditure for an IEP study (the first $45k spent with the same company made negligible change, if any), Celeste became political and sided with Kelly. Kelly was simply creating a distraction to the board censure of his consistent bad behaviors. That indicates that in the future Kelly can trade favors with Celeste to continue his self enrichment programs. His current project is the PLA (Project Labor Agreement) he secretly negotiated with the union in his law practice. It would put a financial stranglehold on on all future SVUSD projects.
    Celeste turns a blind eye to Kelly’s other years of violations of board rules and voter laws. We need someone that looks at the big picture and stops corruption on the school board.
    Used to be a friend with Celeste on FB. When the PLA came up about Kelly, she became a straight up fowl mouthed and not interested in anyones opposing opinion on Kelly trying to sneak the PLA through on the consent agenda. Unfriended her and all her associates immediately. More about my mental health than anything else, but, you get what you accept in life, and the political alliance with John Kelly and behavior towards me and all her FB friends are unacceptable

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