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As bad as it gets

Posted on January 6, 2023 by Stephanie Hiller

Putin has offered a 36-hour ceasefire in honor of the Russian Orthodox Christmas and Biden and the Ukrainians have rejected it. Russia says it is going to do it anyway.

Ukrainians meanwhile heard on KPFA news can only say he doesn’t mean it, whenever he has made a promise he has failed to keep it. That’s what Putin says about the West.

The level of distrust, and this latest spoiled schoolyard-boy reaction from the West, while popes and interfaith leaders are praying for the war to end and the public has been pleading for a ceasefire is distressing to say the least.

We may not be in the streets during this dreadful weather climate change is sending us all over the country but we are here at our stations signing petitions and writing articles, doing much, much more than the Congress currently frozen by a handful of representatives many of whom supported the Insurrection we commemorate today. The world is listening through thousands of media outlets displaying the wreckage of the American empire.

There has never been a time like this!

Yet is there a whisper of possibility somewhere in the mess? I must say I can barely hear this small voice of hope. In all the dissent, the sheer stupidity and the unanimous disappointment, will this swelling outcry against the hypocrisy of our so-called leaders somehow lead to the change we so urgently need? 

Will a grassroots democratic uprising emerge from the chaos and demand a ceasefire so that the leaders of the world can get down to the real business of addressing the climate crisis and feeding the world, crying bullshit to what passes for foreign policy in this country?

Maybe not.

Perhaps prayer is the only answer, with the deep humility that comes with it, a prayer to whomever is listening that we do not know the answer and we need help. 


One thought on “As bad as it gets

  1. Man, Stephanie, you have to stop watching cable news!

    This was pretty dire way to start out the new year.
    I have hope that the progressive movement gets activated to meet the moment. We will not be the last generation.
    I’m all for prayer, in good times and bad, but that’s usually after all the worldly remedies have been exhausted. We’re not there yet, even though a 24/7 diet of CNN or MSNBC might make it feel like we’re at the end of days.

    You should have pitched the peace rally at Courthouse Square in Sant Rosa on Saturday the 21st. That’s where like-minded folks can rally for sanity.

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