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Should we knowingly allow more wildfire deaths?

Posted on August 15, 2023 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Should we allow family and friends to be trapped during lethal wildfire evacuations in trade for builder profits, increased county taxes/permit fees, or leadership’s personal gain? NIMBY.

Should we allow people to be incinerated like the 85 burnt alive because Paradise, California City Planners, against Grand Jury recommendations, built restrictions to their escape routes? NIMBY.

Should we allow people to be burned to death like the (93 corpses and counting) people of Lahaina’s tropical island last week? They have an ocean to jump into, but could not survive even while having that massive water safety sanctuary. Should we allow Sonoma County management to create two projects with higher potential for a larger disaster? NIMBY.

Permit Sonoma/Sonoma County management’s proposals to add hundreds of homes plus thousands of cars and trucks at SDC and Hanna Center will create huge defenseless wildfire traffic jam deathtraps on Arnold Drive and Sonoma Mountain. Wildfire safety is clearly not their concern. Allow this willful criminal negligence on Sonoma Mountain? NIMBY.

All it takes is a spark in the wind, and these unsafe designs become inescapable during an inferno.

Sonoma County Planners clearly have not learned a thing from people being cremated alive in recent wildfires. Their disinformation reflects that fact in their reckless proposals. Should we let them build wildfire deathtraps just because they irresponsibly tell us it won’t happen here, again?  Not in OUR Backyard.

— Stewart Saunders, Sonoma

2 thoughts on “Should we knowingly allow more wildfire deaths?

  1. All Arnold Drive property owners need to trim that green tunnel back 100′ on each side of the road or shut up about the evac alarmism. If it’s so dangerous, cut all those tree way back so we can safely evacuate. If not, then don’t use that malfeasance as a reason to deny anyone else from living here.

    Fire evac alarmism would possibly be compelling if there hadn’t been so many years of prior NIMBYism and CEQA abuse, of throwing everything but the kitchen sink against dense infill projects. Current fire evac alarmism is like the boy who cried wolf; so much complaining, now that you have a real complaint, people are tired of you.

  2. I am not tired of the truth. If timing fire behavior had been a little different, Dave, I and the cats would have been incinerated as we sat in the massive traffic jam out of the valley in 2017. I do not think trimming trees on Arnold Drive would had done much to change that fact. Maybe we do need some dense infill, but we do not need a bunch of luxury, market rate homes and two more luxury tourist hotels. Just focus on building some real affordable housing for the people that work here now and forget about building useless stuff that help no one, but those that profit from it. We can house our workers with out endangering everyone living here, and screwing up our environment.

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