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Theatre of the macabre

Posted on October 17, 2023 by Sonoma Valley Sun

It’s the lobby that takes center stage at the Sebastiani Theatre this Halloween season. The interior (restrooms included) has been transformed into a spooky spectacle: lights, 3-D models and characters, miniature Halloween Village, ghosts and assorted goblins, and demented decor straight from a haunted house.

And look up — giant spiders!!!

Susan Bellach, along with her assistants Armando and Maria, have again turned the Theatre into a magical Halloween world.

The ever-talented Susan Bellach has been decorating the Theatre for both Halloween and Christmas for the past many years, using many decorations from her own personal collections and outdoing herself every year. Roger Rhoten’s advice: “Don’t stand still or too close or Susan will decorate you!”

The Sebastiani Theatre is located on the Plaza in Sonoma at 476 First Street East.

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