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Music from Moon Mountain

Posted on February 4, 2024 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Singer/pianist/songwriter Lia Ices, late of New York City and now living in Sonoma Valley, plays a new-hometown gig at the Sebastiani Theatre on February 9.

She wrote tunes for Family Album, her latest of four, “to crystallize the feelings I had right after we moved to Moon Mountain,” she says. “I had a sense of freedom I’d never felt before, living amongst oaks and fruit trees, being so close to the birds and sky. The mountain changed me and my songwriting, and reinforced the notion that the more real life gets, the more mystical it feels.”

Ices, wrote one reviewer, “possesses the theatrical glamor of Florence Welch, while her husky, half-whispered vocals are reminiscent of Kate Bush and Cat Power.” 8pm. $35.

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