Voices of the New Majority

Loretta Carr


Views from a train

Posted on September 8, 2017

I just returned from a solo 18-hour Amtrak train trip to Washington state to visit family, and I’m still processing a number of thoughts... Continue

A legacy of resiliency and empowerment

Posted on August 20, 2017
A legacy of resiliency and empowerment

We three standing up here today are a reflection of what this country has to offer. It is a reflection of what this community has to... Continue

‘Nevertheless, she persisted’

Posted on August 12, 2017

The above words were spoken by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren’s spoken opposition to Jeff... Continue

After the storm

Posted on July 7, 2017

In the Mexican culture we say, “No hay mal que por bien no venga.” This roughly corresponds to the English saying, “Every cloud... Continue

Luxury has its price

Posted on May 24, 2017
Luxury has its price

Touted as “the ultimate luxury festival experience,” a $3,500 per person ticket to the BottleRock Music Festival in Napa gets you... Continue

The sound of drums, the call to action

Posted on April 22, 2017

As the drumming intensifies, so does my heartbeat and breathing rate. Stomping feet, twirling bodies, and the intermittent rattle of... Continue

We are where we ought to be

Posted on March 23, 2017

Dear Reader of this small but important Latino corner, I am very pleased to be able once again to share with you my perceptions, in... Continue

Our Sonoma… where do we stand today?

Posted on March 10, 2017
Our Sonoma… where do we stand today?

The big question that we hear all the time these days in our community is, “What’s going on at La Luz, how is everyone doing?” The... Continue

Getting the Hispanic community involved in environmental issues

Posted on February 24, 2017
Getting the Hispanic community involved in environmental issues

The Sonoma Ecology Center is launching a program called Senderos Naturales — “Pathways to Nature.” The goal of the program... Continue

Not just nameless workers

Posted on January 24, 2017
Not just nameless workers

On the cold morning of January 28, 1948, a United States Immigration Service plane carrying 28 Mexican citizens, one immigration guard,... Continue

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