New face behind the badge

Posted on December 20, 2010 by Sonoma Valley Sun
Sgt. Spencer Crum recently joined the Sonoma Police Department.

There’s a new sargeant in town and his name is Spencer Crum. A 20-year veteran of law enforcement, the deputy is the newest member of the Sonoma Police Department.

Sonoma was on his wish list when it was time for transfers from the county sheriff’s department. Crum, 40, arrived in late October. As a one of two supervisors, he oversees 10 deputies, two Community Service Officers and a dozen volunteers.

It’s a new desk in a new town, but Crum is right at home. “I like police work. It’s a great job.”

Crum, who lives in Petaluma with his wife and three daughters, heard the call while growing up in Modesto. “I knew I wanted to be a cop at age 14,” he said. That drive took him to the police academy at Santa Rosa Junior College and his first job, at age 20 with the Sausalito force.

Since then, with service with the Petaluma police and the county sheriff, Crum has added several pages to the resume with stints in bike patrol, traffic investigation, training officer, riot control, boat patrol, SWAT and more.

“I’ve loved everything I’ve done,” he said.

He was a violent crimes detective for four years. The work was stressful and intense, he said, but rewarding. “Solving a murder is about as good as it gets. There’s a real satisfaction in solving a who-done-it.’

Crum was promoted a year ago based on an extensive testing process. It rewarded what Crum called his “total package. I’m experienced and mature enough to supervise people.”

As a member of the SPD, Crum still works the streets. But the job is heavy on administrative tasks such as scheduling and paperwork. The increased responsibility, to a degree, replaces the raw stress of working the urban detective beat.

Crum admits he’s still getting used to the change, but welcomes the new opportunity. “There’s a nice pace here.” He likened the setting to that of his first job, in Sausalito. “I enjoy being part of a small team. It’s like a family.”

A camaraderie with the other officer is already well established at police headquarters. “This is a great group of people,” he said. “I’m enjoying getting to know them.”

He also enjoys serving with Chief Brett Sackett, who he’s known for 15 years. “It’s a good working relationship.”

Said Sackett, “It’s great to have someone I know, I appreciate and I trust. I have a great deal of faith he’ll serve this community well.”

People in the community have been friendly as well, a reception he’s not quite used to. “People have been really nice,” he said. “I’ve never heard so many thank you’s.”

2 thoughts on “New face behind the badge

  1. Spencer:
    Congratulations on the promotion. I know you are a hard worker and paid your dues. Your experience throughout the field and your ability to work well with all individuals will prove to be a tremendous asset to the Sonoma Police Department and the town of Sonoma. We will miss seeing you in Windsor.

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