Strike three: Sonoma man gets 15 years for reckless DUI

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The Sonoma man who crashed into an occupied car while trying to evade police in a high-speed chase was sentenced to 15 years in state prison.

Jason Patrick Smith, 44, tried to evade officers on Highway 101 between Windsor and Santa Rosa on January 1o. When Smith veered into the Steele Lane exit, he crashing into another vehicle, injuring both occupants of that vehicle.

A blood test later showed Smith’s blood alcohol level was 0.14 percent, nearly twice the legal limit.

Smith plead no contest to charges of DUI causing great bodily injury, and recklessly evading a police officer resulting in serious bodily injury. He also admitted a “strike” enhancement under the “three strikes” law based on a prior conviction for making criminal threats. As a result, he will serve 85% of his sentence before being released on parole.

At the time, Smith was on parole for prior convictions of recklessly evading law enforcement, and making criminal threats – a conviction that acted as a prior “strike” to enhance his current sentence.

The charges in the January 10 crash count as strikes two and three: DUI causing great bodily injury, and recklessly evading the police resulting in serious bodily injury.

said Smith once again chose to put the community at risk by driving under the influence and driving recklessly.

“Considering his past criminal activity combined with his present offense, we believe the lengthy prison sentence is appropriate,” said District Attorney Jill Ravitch.

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