Happy 100th year

Posted on January 8, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

IMG_1337Sonoma Valley’s Dorothy Wagers, who just aced her driving test, turns 100 this week.

“If you are invited to go out for an occasion or to travel, go, even if you don’t feel like it,” she advises. “Once you’re there, you will be glad you did.” Wagers keeps busy with family and friends, sometimes even driving her own car, the classic Mercury Cougar she bought new in 1968. When people come up to her and say, “Lady, would you like to sell that car?” she replies, ‘You know, the owner comes with it.’ That stops the deal right then.”

Growing up in Burlingame she attended convent school and recalls wearing black stockings and bloomers for gym class. “I bet young people don’t even know what bloomers are now,” she told her friend Maggie Bedord.

After graduating from Notre Dame College in Belmont, Wagers married and had a son. Her husband died when her son was two years old, and she raised the boy as a single mother.

She moved to 7 Flags 37 years ago. Her son passed away in 2002. She now spends time with her family of second and third cousins. She still does her own cooking – lamb chops are a favorite – and enjoys just about everything, “except maybe not Brussels sprouts.”



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