Sonoma’s Council to act on overnight parking for homeless

Posted on October 16, 2016 by Sonoma Valley Sun

At this Monday night’s meeting of the Sonoma City Council, the council will consider staff’s recommendation to satisfy the council’s recent decision to provide overnight parking for five cars at the police station. The program, a test, will be administered by the existing homeless shelter staff at The Haven.

Staff is recommending that a new ordinance modifying the existing ordinance prohibiting overnight “camping” be modified, and that a hearing be held by the Planning Commission for the issuance of a temporary conditional use permit. The projected timetable would include that the program begin in December, which is later than some members of the community and the shelter would prefer.

Additionally, the police department has determined that having the parking behind the Community Meeting Room is not workable, and that it should be located adjacent to the shelter, where it was first proposed.

For details, here is the link to the council’s full Monday night agenda packet. The item in question is 6A.

One thought on “Sonoma’s Council to act on overnight parking for homeless

  1. Here’s the vote, for those unable to attend or watch on TV:
    3 to 2, with the psuedo-compassionate Edwards and Cook voting ‘No’ They want no parts of poor people in Sonoma. But perhaps the spots should be increased to 6. If Cook’s landlord ever ups his rent, he might need a new place to park the car & the kids.

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