Happy new, clean, clutter-free year

Posted on January 16, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Kari WigingradBy Kari Wishingrad

Welcome to bright, shiny, and full of new possibilities 2019. For those of you resolved a year ago to get more organized, downsize and clear your clutter — how did that go for you? Did you accomplish what you set out to back in January of 2018?

Are you satisfied with your home, your level of organization? Have you made any progress? Perhaps some of you have — but some of you haven’t.

Since we are all works in progress, we most likely will never get it all done – such is the flow of life. However, if it is important to you to have a home that is clutter free and to your liking, you must carve out time and commit to taking action. It’s not going to change without self-discipline and  focus.

If you feel frustration, you may be out of alignment with your material world and what you truly value in life.

Our stuff is distracting. It can take up our time, focus and purpose of what we are “meant” to do with our precious time. It can own us.

So are you ready to do something about it? Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Sometimes writing out our reasons and resistances can clear the way. So take out a pad and paper and answer, in honest detail, questions such as: What would taking it to another level look like for you? Ask yourself, why am I wanting to get organized? What do I hope to achieve by doing so?

Next, identify what’s stopping you. Do you dislike having to do it? Are you unsure as to where to start? Do you feel like you don’t have the time or are you just feeling resistance?

Now list the problem areas – which areas of your home/office bother you the most?  Why? What annoys or infringes on your peace of mind you about this space?

Also write how good it feels to be better organized and having your life in order. Imagine how much more time you will have to focus on other parts of your life and accomplishments. It’s more than just what your house will look like, but will your life look like?

Hopefully, these exercises will help clear the way for a great start. Tips to begin the process:

  • Get rid of one item per day. Donate, recycle, consign, and throw away. It can be a magazine or even some food products you no longer enjoy. Get into the habit of asking yourself as you move about your home, do I enjoy/use/ need this? Ongoing de-cluttering actually becomes more fun!
  • Don’t get overwhelmed — 10 to 15 minutes a day can do wonders. Keep it simple. Focus on one shelf, one drawer at a time. Keep it simple. Start with throwing out trash – anything broken, unusable or out of date. Ditch duplicate items. If you do not have room for everything, something has to go. When you walk into a room or area of your home, is it pleasing to your eye? If not, then downsizing is in order.
  • Partner with a pal and tag team accountability. Set up times to help each other out and commit to once a week or twice a month for a minimum of an hour. Make it fun! Turn on some music, stop for breaks and don’t take it too seriously.

Get better at letting go. Once you do, you realize that it wasn’t as hard as you made it out to be.

As you discard items, shift the perspective from negative to positive: you are creating space for the things in life that you value. It’s about creating more space for the life and purpose we treasure most.

Remember, wherever you are, it’s perfect. No self-judging allowed!

Getting organized and staying organized begins with self-commitment. This year, commit to ending self-judgment and shame. Honor yourself, love yourself, and get moving.




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