Sonoma City Council approves increased minimum wage

Posted on June 4, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun
“I am proud to vote ‘yes’,”  stated Mayor Amy Harrington as she cast the final vote in favor of a $15 minimum wage proposal for workers in the City of Sonoma.
The resolution, which passed 3-2 on June 3 with the support of Councilmembers Logan Harvey and Rachel Hundley, accelerates the state proposal for the $15 figure by 2020.
Opponents, primarily restaurant owners and operators, argued any increase to tipped employees would negatively affect their bottom line, cause menu price hikes and ultimately harm the city’s economy. Councilmembers Madolyn Agrimonti and David Cook agreed, with minority no votes.
Young Latino activists carrying placards stood around the council chambers bearing silent witness with examples of the current wages of workers in many local businesses.

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