10 dating tips for a small town

Posted on June 24, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Dating is not something new to people today. For many decades and centuries, people have always been dating. One of the reasons for dating is that it lets you meet someone that can be your soul-mate. There are many dating benefits other than getting the chance of meeting your potential life partner. 

When you are living in a small town, it means that you’ll not have the same dating experience as someone living in a big city. A big city is filled with people of many sorts, and there is also where the crime rate is on the high. Even though a small town doesn’t have a lot of dating options like the big cities, you can still use that to your advantage. That being said, here are some tips to help you when dating if you’re not living in a big city.

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  • Mind Your Reputation


The first thing you’ll ever want to consider when dating in a small town is your reputation. You see, the fewer people in that area means that you will be more exposed. If you are going in as a player, the joke will be on you. Don’t be surprised to see the girl you dated the other day at the local coffee shop, at the ATM, and at the gym all in a single day.

So, if you are dating two people at the same time, you can only imagine how embarrassing things would get. Long story short, mind your reputation whenever you are dating in a small town. Word spread like wildfire in such areas.


  • Join Everything Joinable 


The reason for joining all those clubs in a small town is just to give you the chance to find someone suitable for you. The good news is that there is no much activity to do that would make it impossible to join all those ‘clubs’ in the small town. For instance, you can join the local gym, music/dancing club, a local cooking club, an organization that needs volunteers, or any other cub. 

The point here is for you to get out of your ‘hiding place’ and get noticed by those attractive locals. In most cases, small towns tend to be community-centered. In other words, you will experience more events that involve the community compared to a big city where everyone is on their own. By the way, you can even befriend that sweet grandmother that may be having a single grandson. If you’re lucky, things can go your way pretty easily.


  • Be a Conversationalist 


If you wanted to talk to every stranger in a big city, you might end up disappointed. However, the rules take a twist in a small town. If you are in the small town, take your eyes off your phone and fix them on those strangers around you. Talk to the strangers, make conversations, and ensure that you connect with them.

People living in a small town are friendlier and easier to connect with compared to those in a big city. Talking to strangers in a small town can land you someone that you’d want to date.


  • Use A Dating Site/App


If you are the shy kind of person but you still want to get a good person to date, you can go with the connector of all, a dating site. The best part of using a dating app in a small town is that you can know if your neighbor or someone in your street is single and needs someone like you. It would be unreasonable to go around asking for people’s relationship status and if they can date you.

But with the dating app, you can easily know about the relationship status of that guy or lady just across the street. Zoosk is one great platform for meeting people for dating. You can check out this Zoosk review to help you understand it further.


  • Let People Know About Your Relationship Status


Well, this doesn’t mean that you go around shouting that you are single and in need of someone to date. Rather, you just want to let it be known you are single. You can indicate it on your social media profile. You can take advantage of the community events and let your small circle know that you are single and would love to meet someone. These new friends of yours can help you find someone to date.


  • Travel More


So yes, you just moved to this new town and you want to get to know about it more, right? But that doesn’t mean that you should lock yourself in that town and go nowhere else. Instead, you should travel around the town to meet different people and potential partners. When you travel, you will open yourself to new opportunities and people too. Once you have settled in your new town, plan to travel around after a month or two. It would even be better to date someone that lives further from your place.


  • Do Not Rush Things


Taking things slow is very important when you want to date in a small town. When dating in a small town, you want to know about this new person and see if things will work out between the two of you. That is why you need to take things slow. Take your time to establish a connection, invest in the friendship, and experience the lovely fruits of it all. Above all, don’t be in a rush to get under covers with the date. Remember that this is a small town.


  • Do Not Lie


This point is almost similar to the first one, but you must highly prioritize it. If you happen to lie to one date, the bad mouthing will easily flow around town. This will ruin your chances of finding someone in the future. There are many dangers of lying and how toxic it can ruin a relationship. So, no lying.


  • Diversify


If you want to get the best dating experience of a small town, you’ll need to diversify. Don’t just look around your area or in one local gym. Rather, try out the libraries, universities, bars, night clubs, or anywhere else. Just remember to be honest and careful as you do so.


  • Let Them Down Politely


Sometimes, things might not go as planned, and this can force you to end a relationship – especially if you are not planning to have a future with that person. If you think there is no connection and the two of you cannot work, be polite enough to let that person down gently. You can explain and tell the person that you are not able to give her the committed relationship that she wants and deserves. But, do not just be rude and stop seeing her/him all of a sudden. This won’t give you a good name.

Keep in mind that dating is all about taking things slow and being gentle all along.

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