The case against 5G comes to Sonoma

Posted on July 1, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

On a recent Saturday, the foes of 5G – and the world it would create – were out in force at Vintage House on First Street East. They had come to hear Dafna Tachover, the Israeli-born founder of We Are the Evidence, an international organization that publicizes the woes inflicted on humans by wireless radiation. It’s sometimes called “Microwave Sickness” and “Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.”

Tachover is one of many humans harmed by laptops and cellphones. More and more people say they have the same symptoms she has. They are in Sonoma and all over the world.

Ten years ago, soon after she bought a new laptop computer for her work, Tachover felt odd. She had heart palpations, experienced what she calls “cognitive block in the brain” and felt tingly sensations in her hands and feet.

It wasn’t just the new laptop that caused the problems. All wireless devices made her feel that she wasn’t herself, and that something was affecting her mind and her body.

Tachover moved away from New York where she had been living and working as a lawyer. For two years, her home was her own car; it was the only environment in which she felt anywhere near her normal self.

“Flying was a nightmare,” she says. “Airports were the worst.” To escape from wireless devices and from radiation, she lived in the Catskill Mountains in New York State, and later in a tent in Green Bank, West Virginia, a town that has no cell towers and where people who suffer from “micro sickness” go to get healthy.

These days, Tachover has no fixed abode; some of her friends and fans call her “a Wandering Jew.” Over the last few months she has wandered across California and brought her message to receptive audiences.

Born in Israel in 1972, and descended from Iraqi Jews on her mother’s side of the family and European Jews on her father’s side, Tachover served in the Israeli military from 1990 to 1993. As a lieutenant, she managed the computer center for the Israeli Defense Forces. “I don’t remember anything I did there,” she says. “I erased it all from my memory.” That’s probably for the best.

In 1998, she became an Israeli lawyer, and the following year she brought legal action against the Ministry of Education to ban all use of WIFI in schools in Israel. “I wanted to save the children,” she says. “My duty was to protect them.” Though she submitted affidavits from school kids who said that WIFI made them sick, the court ruled against her. Yedioth Aheonoth, a daily newspaper published in Tel Aviv, called her  “A Radiation Victim,” a title she has rejected, though she explains that she is a victim of government and industry lies about wireless communication.

Before a lively audience at Vintage House, Tachover offered mostly bad news. “We are going into a world I don’t want to be part of,” she says. “The future looks like a very bad place.”

Tachover doesn’t expect people to throw away all their devices and she doesn’t only offer bad news. “You don’t have to give up your phone,” she explained. Still, she urges everyone to turn off cellphones as much as possible, opt out from so-called “smart meters,” get rid of Blue Tooth, and disable WIFI when not in use.

“Keep your house as free from these devices as you can,” she says. “And keep up the fight against 5G which will increase exposure to radiation.” Sometimes faster isn’t better. Sometimes more information delivered in fewer seconds than ever before isn’t real progress. 

— By Jonah Raskin

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  1. In 1982, our company replaced IBM Selectric typewriters with IBM PC’s and Apple 2E’s. I had one phone at home connected by wire. No wi-fi no cell phone, no invasion of technology. I was happier. When the work day ended, it ended. I had no choice but to be connected when I worked. Now, retired, I do. I love to read while listening to classical music. I use as little wi-fi as possible. Silence is golden. Not all advancements are better.

  2. We don’t need 4 cell networks competing for the dollar. The US government should run a free network across the US and cover all rural areas. This would reduce the amount of telephone radiation by 300%.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Classical music and a book are very good, indeed.

  4. I heard Dafna speak in Dos Vientos, California last month. She really knows the research on radio frequency microwave radiation effects. She cited declassified papers I had previously read by the US Naval Medical Institute, Army/DOD, Air Force and NASA, to name a few reports, that show biological effects. Current “safe” exposure limits for wireless radiation are based on the flawed assumption of “thermal only” effects on humans.

    It’s not just a problem for those who suffer from acute microwave sickness, like Dafna, this is Modernity. We are all reduced because of functional imparements to sleep, cellular respiration, heart, brain, etc. And yes, 5G will just be another layer of a technology that is hostile to human biology.

    Safely living in the midst of the electrical grid and wireless technology is possible for most people–but often requires the help of a “Building Biologist” to detect, measure, mitigate and advise.

  5. Hi
    Thank you for this article. Following are a few corrections:
    The Case against Wi-Fi was submitted in August 2012 and the decision was in August 2015.

    The name of the condition I suffer from is Microwave Sickness (not – Micro sickness)

    The Supreme Court ruled against us BUT the case led to the first limitations on WI-Fi use worldwide. As part of the case the government announced that it will is banning Wi-Fi up to the age of 6 and allowing only 1 hour up to the 3rd grade. Later they also limited it to 1-2 hours to the 4-6 grades and wi-fi should be turned off when not in use. This is VERY important.

    Also – I never said that ‘something has taken over’ my mind and body. The microwave radiation AFFECTED my Cognitive abilities and physical well being.

    My position in the army – commander of the computer center of the operations center and of the Headquarter of the IDF.

  6. Thank you for this article, Jonah and Dafna. And for those reading the comments – join us this Thursday, JULY 11th, 2019 at 6pm, at the Council Chambers on First St West, for the DESIGN REVIEW of the 3 cell towers that Sonoma is considering permitting. We must not let this happen! We need folks to show up and express their opposition to these unnecessary cell towers. Please visit us at Sonoma Neighbors for Safe Tech for more info & updates.

  7. Meanwhile, over in Marin:

    “The new 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology, uses higher-frequency waves than 4G. The waves support faster speeds but don’t travel as far, so more and smaller transmitters will be needed and located closer to users, which increases the anxiety of people worried about health effects.

    Last year, the Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules further limiting local jurisdictions’ ability to regulate these “small cell wireless facilities.”

    Under the new rules, local jurisdictions have 60 days to review applications for 5G antenna attachments to existing structures and 90 days for attachments to new structures. Any administrative appeal must be completed within this time period.

    The FCC order in September has been challenged by Marin County and several coalitions of municipalities in court and that litigation is pending in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. In January, however, the courts denied a request by the municipalities to stay the FCC order until the litigation was resolved.”

    (Marinij newspaper: July 10, 2019)


  8. Electromagnetic radiation is harmless. These people and their pseudoscience quackery are dangerous.

  9. I saw Dafna in Sebastopol. Great lecture. I am a physicist, so much resonated. Because of her information, now all my phones are wired/corded, my WiFi has been shut down as of today with all wired LAN, and in two days PG&E is swapping out my smart meter. All pretty easy to do…
    “Progress is that never ending effort to try to make things as good as they used too.”

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