Five sports for thrills and adventure

Posted on July 5, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sometimes, we need a bit of excitement in our lives to get us out of the daily routines we get caught up in. Unfortunately, many of the activities we do for fun, like going to a party or a night out with friends, eventually get boring and repetitive. 

When that happens, a thrilling adventure is exactly what our bodies need to regain that wonderful rush. There are a number of sports that provide us with activities where we  can combine a healthy experience with a stimulating one. In other words, you could use up your free time saying thank you to both your mind and your body. This is a guide to help you with exactly that.

1. Go Paragliding


Ever wanted to fly? Well, you no longer need a superpower to do so because all you need to do is take up paragliding. This sport lets you glide through the air and get the chance to watch beautiful landscapes from afar. Needless to say, this one requires a bit of balance training.

2. Try Biking


Biking is an obvious choice, true. But don’t forget that there are different types of bikes that suit different kinds of biking activities, that will surely give you different kinds of experiences. The people at Thrill Appeal offer a variety of reviews on the different kinds of bikes out there in the market and this will definitely help you make better buying choices. If you want a classic thrill, dirt biking is the sport for you. With dirt biking, you get to rule the (off-) road and go on your own quest.

3. Grab a Kayak


Kayaking is one of those sports that is thrill-guaranteed. It will be easy to find inflatable kayak rentals since they are all over the place. You can kayak through rivers or lakes, discover the places that surround you, and maybe pause in the middle of your journey to take in the view. Even though kayaks take one person at a time, you could always tag your friends along for this activity.

4. Definitely Dive


Scuba diving is not just an exciting sport, it is also a beautiful experience in which you have the opportunity to discover a whole new world! Underwater life is amazing, and most of it remains unknown. Who knows what you might discover while swimming down there? And if you’re lost trying to choose the right gear for this sport, you can go ahead and visit any sports store in your area or online for reviews and guides that will help you with your adventure.

5. Climb Rocks


Last but definitely not least, try rock climbing. You may need a little arm strength for this sport, but the outcome is definitely worth it. When you (hopefully) reach the summit, you could either settle down for a morning picnic or wait and watch the sunset with a loved one. Either way, you would get a break with an amazing view.

Get Going!


Whichever activity you decide to do, you would have combined both cardio and fun (yes, that is possible) into one adrenaline-rushing adventure to get you out of that day-to-day routine. 

Life can get very boring, expected, and exhausting, so it’s important to focus on what your body needs to keep you going throughout the week. These are a few ways you could stay fit and have a thrill; so make sure to keep this guide handy whenever you feel down.


Sonoma Sun | Sonoma, CA