How reading books is good for the brain

Posted on November 2, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun


While you’re reading this, your brain is going through a remarkable process. It’s decoding a series of intangible symbols and translating the results into complex ideas. Studies have shown that our brain actually changes when we read. It grows and makes new connections and different patterns, depending on the type of material we’re reading.

Living in a world that bombards us with too much visual information makes reading a perfect escape and a way to unplug for a while. Let’s talk a little more about reading and how it cultivates your mind.

Keep your brain healthier

We know that what exercise is to the body, reading is to the brain. As we age, there is a decline in memory and brainpower. It’s been shown that reading every day can slow down late-life cognitive deterioration and keeps the brain healthier. It boosts brainpower. On the other hand, it’s also been proven that children who read from an early age score higher on reading tests as well as on general tests of intelligence.

Flip pages

The actual flipping of pages helps us better understand what we’re reading. It’s been shown that the feel of the paper provides us with more context. This, in turn, helps us to understand a book better. Amazing! You can reap those benefits by reading the books CEO Library recommends, choosing what suits you best from hundreds of good reads. There’s a large collection of non-fiction books where you can learn about a variety of topics in different fields, from fitness to web design. So, you might want to ditch some of your digital reading and get into regular books, since they help you better remember what you’ve read.

Become more empathetic

In an interesting study at Kingston University, 123 volunteers were questioned if they prefer books, TV, or plays. They were then tested on their interactive skills and prosocial behavior. Researchers wanted to know if the volunteers considered others’ feelings, we’re able to understand different perceptions, and whether they took action to help others. The results showed that people who preferred reading novels were more likely to show positive social behavior and to empathize with others. The same results did not apply to those who preferred watching TV. In fact, TV viewers leaned more toward anti-social behavior.

Communicate better

Avid readers are able to communicate their thoughts and feelings better. Aside from improving vocabulary and grammar, reading books on various topics expands your general knowledge, imagination, and creativity. These benefits can help bridge gaps existing between people of different origins and cultures. We become more open-minded and accepting of our differences. 

Bookworms of the world, rejoice! Reading not only strengthens the physical aspects of your mind, but also helps you pick up new and good habits and improves personality. Reading teaches you more about others, and helps you remove bias you might hold against different people, cultures, and traditions. You will become more empathetic to others and improve your social skills. And you’ll become a smarter person along the way. 







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