Sun on the Street: Did anything good come from the (first) power shutdown?

Posted on November 2, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

The silver lining of the power outage is that we are now all aware that we should all be prepared for a major catastrophe. We panicked with a couple days without electricity and are not prepared for something much worse.

– Elias Cervantes


Reading a book by candlelight. I used to read a lot and now I’m always binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, so it was great to rediscover the joy of reading, especially by candlelight. 

– Gail Duffley


I think we averted a potential disaster again. In the end we’ll never know. We got through a wind event with no fires so we must look for the blessings. Yes food was spoiled and business was lost but it can always be worse. 


– Liz Cain 

My silver lining on the no electricity situation was that many neighbors all came together to help each other out. I personally witnessed a neighbor with a gas stove invite her whole block to her house for coffee and warm meals.

– Victor Guerrero


– Sarah Ford

One thought on “Sun on the Street: Did anything good come from the (first) power shutdown?

  1. I’m a bit more practical for another time. Fill gas tank at least a full day in advance of the announced time of shutdown. Battery backup for medical device. Freeze bottle waters and put some in fridge. Keep propane full for bbqing. Batteries are up to date along with some better lighting.

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