Covid-19 bailout fails the 99 percent

Posted on March 29, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Today is the third day since Congress passed a covid-19 relief bill that is supposed to actually help everyday people. The first two relief bills clearly demonstrated that people like you and me are not Congress’ #1 priority.

A huge corporate bailout should leave no doubt. And a one time payment of $1200- not enough to pay the rent for most people- shows how out of touch Congress is. The rent is in just two days, and I have yet to hear any elected official tell America just when we’ll see this stimulus money. And while evictions and foreclosures have been frozen, rent and mortgage payments have not. So where is the outrage from our federal officials- our Congressperson and Senators? Who is speaking up for YOU? Who is demanding to know when their constituents will see a check or standing up and saying “This just isn’t enough”?

Why do we keep electing the same hacks, when they clearly don’t care about the struggles of everyday people and don’t even seem to realize there’s a problem? Where is our representation? America can do better than it is doing and Americans can do better than 99% of our current elected officials.

— Jason Kishineff, American Canyon

One thought on “Covid-19 bailout fails the 99 percent

  1. Our elected officials from California tried very hard to get more into this bail out for the 99%. They were told these things were “partisan” and were part of the liberal agenda and did not belong in the package, by the party of big business in the Senate and our president, who is big business itself. Do not blame those that are trying to get social and financial justice for us as the problem. I read just today about one such “hack” Jackie Speier, saying no to bailing out the useless and polluting cruise ship industry. And these supposed US owned and operated cruise ship lines register and operate out of other counties, so they do not have to pay as much in US taxes. So I would say we need to keep people like her in office, just elect more of them and get rid of the party of big business and big money.

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