Don’t like wearing masks? Five more laws that should make you mad

Posted on July 28, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Opinion by John Q. Facebook

Like it or not, and I don’t, wearing a face mask in public is the law. The idea of it, based on some hair-brained “science” you can’t make me believe, infringes on my right to… well, my right not to wear a mask. Sure it’s the law, but since it’s wrong, I shouldn’t have to obey it.

Here are some other “laws” that, by virtue of inconveniencing me, should also be ignored:

Speeding. Dangerous? Everybody knows those death-rate numbers are false. Plus, pulling me over hurts the economy — the faster I go, the faster I can get to Walmart.

Car Insurance. Mandatory? How dare you arbitrarily impose financial responsibility on me and my car — it’s a hybrid! And don’t even start on Motorcycle Helmets. Doesn’t the ‘pursuit of happiness’ mean feeling the wind through my hair and over my cracked skull?

Obama Care. I’m so furious about this my brain refuses to understand how it works. Why should I? Rich people rich enough not to need it tell me it’s bad. And that you can’t pick the doctor you want to treat your motorcycle injuries. Case closed. Thanks, Comrade Obama.

No Smoking. What happened to freedom? Remember when you could smoke freely, in bars, airplanes, and in the hospital when your kids were being born, or when you were having your lung transplant? Those were the days. And the numbers clearly prove it — dying of cancer really is the American way!

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service. To tell the truth I never had a problem with this one until they added ‘masks’ to the list. Now for some reason, it really hacks me off, and I’m compelled to demean the staff and demand to see the manager. My wife Karen made a YouTube video about it. .





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