Sonoma restaurant closes amid BLM-mask uproar

Posted on February 11, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma’s acclaimed Girl & the Fig has closed temporarily in response to the escalating backlash over an ex-staffer’s Black Lives Matter mask. The former employee said she felt pressured to quit after being told her BLM-messaged face mask was not per the Plaza eatery’s uniform policy..

The restaurant’s owners said they made the decision after receiving death threats, and it’s Yelp and TripAdvisor pages are flooded with one-star reviews calling them racist. Some posts are as intense as threatening to burn the building down, according to president John Toulze.

He said he decided to close to protect the staff and noted a flyer posted on social about a protest outside the restaurant this weekend.

“There’s no amount of money in the world that’s worth it to ask my staff to walk through that and to ask my customers to walk through that,” he said. Once the calls die down and employees feel ready, Toulze said, the business will reopen.

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2 thoughts on “Sonoma restaurant closes amid BLM-mask uproar

  1. The owner was right to address the issue with the employee and is right again to close until the woke hornets go back to their nest.
    Woke = racist scumbag

  2. So, perhaps I mis-read, but although the ownership supported in your face masks, th÷y received threats from a/some (?) Patron. The ownership decided to conform to a uniformed policy of blank masks which sounds very nice to me when dining: honestly I go out to get away from such chatter.
    But the youngster feel entitled. NOT!
    good close it down and reopen with Stricker policies and let’s move on. The gal? Let her find a job and good luck with that. What if, ya, someone like 2nd amendment right on their mask? Or worse?

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