Extend the hospital parcel tax

Posted on September 18, 2021 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Support Measure F. Small town community hospitals all over California risk closure, as happened in Sebastopol some years back.  Let’s not let that happen here.

Over the years my family has relied on our local hospital many many times . . . for emergency room visits, surgeries, blood tests, x-rays, MRI’s, mammograms and hospitalizations.  The hospital staff provides excellent care, locally!  Minutes from our door.  Without a local emergency room, a medical crisis would require a trip to Santa Rosa, Napa, or Marin.  No thanks!

Two things:
.  If our hospital closes, the E.R. closes with it.  By law, an E.R. must be part of a hospital.
.  ALL of us can use that E.R., even Kaiser patients, because Kaiser covers the cost of emergency treatment there.

Measure F will extend the existing parcel tax for ten years. Sonoma has stepped up every time this parcel tax has come around for renewal.  Let’s do it again. Yes on Measure F

– Bill Hutchinson, Sonoma

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  1. The best healthcare insurance plan in the world is worthless if there is no place to get healthcare, and especially in an emergency. YES on Measure F.

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