A different kind of summer camp

Posted on June 15, 2022 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Sonoma’s Hanna Boys Center will host a series of tuition free classes for anyone interested in starting a career in the construction or building trades, July 11-August 4 on the Hanna campus.

North Bay TIP (Trade Introduction Program) program is open to anyone regardless of Hanna affiliation, gender, experience or age provided the participant will be 18 years old by the final class on August 4, 2022. Registration for a mandatory online Zoom orientation is open now. 

This marks the first time Hanna has hosted the TIP program. Hanna Vocational Training Program Director David Yale said “you have to provide opportunities for people to learn about themselves and find a pathway towards a living wage in life. By bringing the TIP conference here to Hanna we’re lowering the barrier to entry even more to our own students and local community. That makes a tangible, real difference in these kids’ lives.”

North Bay TIP is a certificated apprenticeship readiness program that will introduce attendees to apprenticeships in the many building and construction trades. It is intended to increase student’s skills in construction math, drafting, drawing, work readiness and job safety while developing relationships within the North Bay Building Trades industry. This in turn helps participants become much more viable candidates for union apprenticeships.

Those interested are free to come to an orientation before deciding if they want to sign-up for the program however, it is helpful to sign-up for an orientation so class leaders know how many attendees to expect. 

Since this program is a preparation for apprenticeship in the trades, and with the current situation, COVID vaccination is a requirement, and documentation of this will be requested. Boosters are suggested.

The conference is a concentrated all daytime class schedule from July 11 to August 4, with stipends possible for low-income participants.  For more information please go to or contact Hanna’s Communications and Content Manager Don Lewis at [email protected]


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