Whole Foods ends discount; City planner’s exit; high profile pothole; and more

Posted on September 6, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun

Word is that Whole Foods will end its ‘senior discount’ policy at the end of this month. Amazon, the chain’s owner, must need that 10 percent back, to afford the 5 percent discount  people get after they pay for ‘prime’ membership. The Sonoma WF was the only store in the entire chain to offer that deal, which is still in place (10% off on Tuesday) at Sonoma Market…

page_3_logoAlso on its last lap is the The Grand Prix of Sonoma. The annual Formula One race (Sept. 18) is not just the finale of the IndyCar race season, it’s the last such event at Sonoma Raceway “for the foreseeable future,” as the series shifts its schedule for the 2019 season. Checkered flag, indeed…

Another ‘also’ from the exit file: the Sonoma’s acting Planning Director, hired last month to temporarily fill in for the departing David Goodison, has already resigned. He must of had other plans…

The worst pothole in Sonoma Valley is, of course, the one on your street. But the most embarrassing is smack dab in the middle of Sonoma’s most prominent intersection, Broadway at the Plaza. It surrounds a manhole cover (do we still call them that?) and is getting deeper and wider all the time. Not a good look, particularly in front of City Hall. Maybe the Tourism Improvement District can kick it some of its (soon to increase) hotel tax revenue to get it fixed. Or just fill it with wine?

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