‘Freedom Week Sonoma’ thanks vets, responders with super deals

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Dozens of local businesses will observe Freedom Week by offering deals and discounts to all active Military, Veterans and First Responders from October 11 through 14.

It’s part of the National Freedom Day program, an all-volunteer effort organized by Dr. Kimberly Hubenette. She said the local thank-you period has been extended this year to four full days, to offer better access and availability

Freedom Week Sonoma is an extension of Freedom Day USA, a national, non-profit organization.
Local Community service groups have been helping Dr.Hubenette, one of California’s co-directors
spread the word. She has been helping organize volunteers for the past five years with the help of Rotarian Bob Leonard, also a chairman of the organization, Sally Thornhill-Peterson, Alai, Pinel Realators, and Vickie Whiting of Kids scoop, to name a few.
“Giving time to organize this event is one of the years best time spent, said Hubenette.  ” We have over 50 businesses this year participating. With no local funding, Freedom Week Sonoma, runs on the participating businesses good-will that they will do what they state when we call on them to participate.”
For an up- to-date list of the ever growing  participating business list, the sister organization, freedom day USA has stepped up to post all the businesses online.
So far, about 28 businesses have signed up, with offers like teeth cleaning, wine, tax services and even a free ice cream cone. For a complete list of partners, or to find how to get your business involve:


One thought on “‘Freedom Week Sonoma’ thanks vets, responders with super deals

  1. “National Freedom Day?” So the 4th of July isn’t enough? Veterans Day isn’t enough? Memorial Day isn’t enough? The Chamber of Commerce must really be panicking that there aren’t enough wars going on to boost sales. Apparently we need ANOTHER flag-waving Pro-War holiday to persuade Americans that they need to show their Patriotism by buying more stuff.

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