Developing story: luxury homes on Hwy 12

Posted on May 22, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

So what’s that huge project taking shape at Highway 12 and Moon Mountain Road? Owner Ken Mattson is building two luxury homes — 4,929 sq. ft. and 5,374 sq ft., plus large second units – on a parcel he purchased in 2015. (The first deal of what is reportedly now a 26 property, $80 Sonoma Valley portfolio.) The compound has two swimming pools, and a large turret has emerged atop the scaffolding.

Neighbors guess that the development will be sold, perhaps as two different estates, rather than serve as a Mattson family home, which was the original stated intent. As for those luxurious secondary structures, one neighbor says “that so-called ‘granny unit’ is bigger than my house.”


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