Signs of shutdown at SDC

Posted on September 10, 2019 by Sonoma Valley Sun

What the state now calls “the property of the former Sonoma Developmental Center” shows signs of the closure. While the campus remains accessible to the public, specifically pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles in non-prohibited areas, sections of the campus, like this cul du sac on the south side of the property, are closed to the public. Specifically, individuals are prohibited from accessing both reservoirs (for fishing or swimming), areas affected by the recent fires (including the farm area and Sunrise Industries), and all vacant buildings and parking lots.

“For the public’s safety, and for the safety of staff members who remain on campus, these closed areas are marked with barricades, yellow tape, and signs. Entering these closed areas is considered trespassing,” according to the SDC Office of Protective Services. “If voluntary compliance is not successful, officers will take the appropriate enforcement action to curtail trespassing.”


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