Sonoma’s non-native trees face discrimination, dismemberment

Posted on January 4, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Exclusive SUN photos of the crime scene in Sonoma’s Depot Park document where majestic but undocumented non-native eucalyptus immigrants from Australia were brutally cut down with chainsaws. The area remains taped off as police and forensic botanists search for clues.

Meanwhile, reports The Sun’s Bob Edwards, other Australians huddle in fear nearby, knowing they could be next.

More fake news…

2 thoughts on “Sonoma’s non-native trees face discrimination, dismemberment

  1. Meh. Eucalyptus, with their shred-happy bark, are a fire hazard – oily buggers waiting to go up like a candle. And they are unfriendly to local animals and plants. Nothing here can make much of a living on them (seeing as how we don’t have koalas, but after the Oz fires someone might think of importing some).
    Anyway, why not replant with native trees that are also friendly to native insects and birds, thus helping out our fragmented ecosystem? There are plenty of options – maybe not redwood, with the climate change, but trees that withstand drought better – such as live oaks, certain species of California pines, maybe the wonderful and uncommon “California nutmeg”.

  2. Sorry. But do us all a favor and plant oaks or redwoods. Even live oaks are about fire free too. I noticed all the cork oaks survived as well near Cohn winery.
    Eucalyptus are very fire ready on the ground and in their oil.

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