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Scrabble: Meet the professionals

Posted on February 8, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Are you tired of losing every Scrabble game night to your friends and family? Are you struggling to come up with better words, despite studying your vocabulary? Is unscrambling letters difficult for you? Do you find it hard to properly utilize the board? Thankfully, you’re not alone.

Scrabble is not an easy, and even if you have an incredible vocabulary you can find yourself losing game after game. This can lead to very frustrating game nights, as all you really want to do is win a game for once, but instead find yourself coming in last over and over and over again.

Fortunately for you, there are many solutions to the problems you are having. Experts have come up with a series of tools, tips, and advice that you can use to apply into your game. From learning how to unscramble letters better, to learning how to utilize the board properly, there are many ways to win. 

Here are some tips professionals are saying can elevate your game to the next level.

Practicing unscrambling letters

No matter what strategies you apply to Scrabble, you will always have to be good at unscrambling letters to win. Therefore, you need to have the vocabulary to form words, and also the brain power to be able to look at these letters and quickly formulate words from them during your turn. It is a combination of both speed and intelligence that can stress out the common player. How can you get better? One of the most recommended tips professionals give, is to pull eight letters out from the bag, and then formulate as many words as you possibly can. Once you have exhausted your brain and have run out of ideas, you need to check how well you did. There is this useful website that allows you to type in the letters that you had and will then spit out all the word combinations. How did you do? Practicing this is essential to being successful, and soon you will begin to identify common patterns and form large words with ease. No longer will you be stressed about beating the clock in Scrabble, nor will you run into problems trying to form words.

Learn the board

The next tip the pros will give you is that you must learn the Scrabble board and how to utilize it. It is not just about being able to form words, it’s about being able to use the bonuses on the board as well. On the board, there are four bonuses to look for: double letter score, double word score, triple letter score, and triple word score. Taking advantage of these bonuses can massively increase your points during the game and help you to win. Do you see a triple word score you can use but don’t have the best word to play on it? Professionals recommend playing it, because although you might not score the most points, you’ve taken away other people’s opportunity to use it. Many people don’t think about playing Scrabble defensively, but it is a vital strategy to winning the game. Bonuses can dramatically change the game and one well used bonus by your opponents can make the game unwinnable for you. Learn the board and how to play to its bonuses to gain the upper hand in any game.

Form Multiple Words at Once

While you are only allowed to place words in one direction, that does not mean that you can form multiple words in one turn. By taking a pre-existing word and adding an ‘S’ to the end of it to make it plural, then using that ‘S’ to create a new word that runs in the opposite direction, you can double the amount of points. You’ll get points for the word you made plural, while also getting points to the new word you formed. This is a great way to collect points and the professionals recommend it for winning Scrabble.

Using these tips, you can soon become the champion of Scrabble within your family. Taking the time to practice unscrambling words, learning the board, and learning how to form multiple words at once will help give you that competitive edge. Ensure that you practice all these strategies and learn how to apply them into every game of Scrabble you play. What new large words will you be able to play?

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