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Smart ways to get your home appliances repaired

Posted on February 11, 2020 by Sonoma Valley Sun


Is your air conditioning unit is no longer cooling your room the way that it used to, or is your water heater taking a long time to heat the water for your shower? In these instances, you begin to wonder whether your home appliances need a little bit of repair. 

When you decide that indeed, these need to be checked, remember these smart ways on how to repair your home appliances.

Check the obvious

One of the smartest ways to approach an appliance repair is to always check the obvious. This includes checking the power settings, making sure that your appliances are powered on or considering the operating conditions. For instance, some appliances may work on flat surfaces, but may prove to be inefficient if situated in a certain inclined surface. It is a good practice to be able to cover the basics first, before digging in deeper into the problem.

Invest in repair tools

Have yourself equipped with the basic repair tools to fix minor problems. It goes without saying that a screwdriver alone is insufficient to help you fix the problem. Often times, tool kits can be directly purchased in the market, but ensure that the repair tools you will buy are of high quality, coming from reputable manufacturers and distributors. Some substandard tools  may only cause more damage to your appliances in the end. For instance, invest in a good multimeter, which will help you to promptly check if the problem is within the wirings of your home gadgets. A multimeter will help you measure the voltages and other important signals from its components that can indicate why your appliance is not working.

Consider the 50% rule

Check whether your home appliance already reached half of its expected lifespan, which can usually be found in their manual. If your home appliance is within the first half, it is worth having it repaired because getting a new one will prove to be costly. Consider taking your appliances to a reputable appliance center to have a proper assessment on why your appliance is not functioning as it used to. Having your home gadgets serviced doesn’t usually take long and Appliance Repair Vaughan even offer a same day service. Conversely, if your home appliance is within the second half of its intended lifespan, having it repaired may cost you more than getting a replacement and this is known as the 50% rule.



There will come a time that your appliances will reach the end of their service point and will simply be irreparable. But before they do, it is worth taking some time and effort to salvage whatever you can when your home appliances show signs of damage. In these instances, having sufficient knowledge on basic repair will definitely prove to be of a great advantage.


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